Vacuum Temperature Test Chamber(VT)
Vacuum Temperature Test Chamber(VT)
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Features:The system uses imported film push-button control LED display, temperature canbe set directly; temperature control system based on PID+SSR control, stabilitycontrol; heating plate, placed box around the outer wall to ensure the box goodtemperature uniformity; pressure gauge adopts import target type pressuregauge; computer connection function up to connected to 32 (standard RS-485);window glass with thickened toughened glass to guarantee the safety properties,temperature, vacuum calibration special interface.

Specifications:Temperaturerange: RT+10℃~180

Stabilityof temperature: ±1

Vacuum:< 60Pa, in accordance with the vacuum degree of vacuum pumps

Heatingtime: RT~100about45 minutes

Inner tankcapacity: 29L, 60L, 100L or customized specifications

Optional:electronic pressure gauge, the original Taiwan oil-free vacuum pump