LED Dedicated Constant Current Power Supply(LED)
LED Dedicated Constant Current Power Supply(LED)
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Features: Each individual constant current output,each board can be little 20 per substrate can simultaneously lit 20 products,each piece can be set individually current, time, aging pattern and otherparameters, with a constant current, ON / OFF, Pulse, Timer function, thenumber of bits input parameter setting, real-VF, IF monitor, computerconnection function. Suitable for LED \ LD chip, lamp beads lit aging test

Specifications: Single Output Current: 200mA,500mA, or other customized specifications

Voltagerange: DC 5V, DC 12V or customized specifications

Substratematerial: FR4, aluminum, copper, frame size customization

Optional:PC real-time monitoring, automatic calibration software, high-frequency currentsource