LED Dedicated Temperature & Humidity Test System(TH-LED)
LED Dedicated Temperature & Humidity Test System(TH-LED)
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Features:LED lights constant current power supply dedicated, Teflon cable, install aspecial plug Teflon guides convenience products, internal structure speciallydesigned to withstand high-power heating load, maximum heat up 1000W, and toensure that the temperature inside the margin of error of the substrate, theglass door is installed to facilitate the observation window box lighted cases,multiple security protection and over-temperature protection. For LED chips,high-temperature aging test lit lamp beads

Specifications:Single Output Current: 200mA, 500mA, or other customized specifications

Voltagerange: DC 5V, DC 12V or customized specifications

The numberof substrates: 60

Temperatureand humidity range: -60 ~ 150 ,humidity of 20% RH ~ 98% RH

Maximumheat: 500W, 1000W or other customized specifications