Automatic 3D Optical Image Coordinate Measuring Instrument
Automatic 3D Optical Image Coordinate Measuring Instrument
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Features:This equipment adopts high precision granite column structure, and the worktable and ensure the stability of steel has a high. The design of the twofloor, precision V rails, ensure with high mechanical precision. Three axisfriction transmission precision, sensitive and reliable, seamless, and canquickly move. High quality optical system and high resolution CCD, ensure thatthe measurement has a high quality picture. LED annular surface light source,surface light lifting, large angle illumination. Precision optical ruler,0.001mm resolution, repeat accuracy is 0.001mm.


                    Camera:CCD color 1/3''   SONY chipset 700TV

Zoom magnification: 0.7~4.5X

Working distance: 90mm

Video magnification: 30~225X

Display resolution: 0.001mm

Error of indication:X.Y = (3+L/200) μm    Z (4+L/150) μm (L isthe length measured unit: mm)