Special high pressure spray cleaning machine for IC film
Special high pressure spray cleaning machine for IC film
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Features:this device using frame semiconductor product ring gas resin package overflowmaterial (Deflashing) removal of special equipment; advanced design concept,broad scope of products; smooth original transmission system guarantee system;equipment operation is stable, operation and low maintenance cost, simpleoperation, saving water and electricity outstanding performance; with the useof deburring solution series to achieved under lower pressure to more fully theremoval of spilled material effect, and to ensure that no damage to theproduct.

Specifications:Workingpressure: 6-10Kg/cm2 (adjustable, customizable)

Capacity:1500 / hour (0~6 m /min (adjustable, customizable))

Transmission:stainless steel mesh belt transmission chain, stainless steel chain

Highpressure water jet:according to the configuration of equipment demand

Energyconsumption: tap water -10~15 L / min

Electricpower: 380V 50Hz 30kW

Water: tapwater (or water)